A word about the artist,

Chris Pawlik has been involved with art a majority of her life.  She majored in art in high school and took her passion for it further, obtaining degrees in Illustration and Advertising Design.  This desire to create led her to be involved in Art and Craft shows working in a number of media including recycled paper and cloth.  It was in 1999 that she decided to exclusively work with gourds.
Chris’ gourd art uses a number of different techniques, often layered on a single gourd.  Pyrography, carving, weaving, beading, painting, dyeing are samples of the techniques she has mastered.  She also creates new and exciting techniques to further advance the use of the gourd medium.  Tinning of a gourd and horse hair style paintings are just a few of the advances in gourd art she has developed.
Chris’ gourds have won a number of awards in shows in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.  These include a number of first place, best of division and best of show.  Her art has been on display and for purchase in galleries in Michigan.  Her tribute gourd, to Annie Oakley is on display at the Annie Oakley Museum in Dark County, Ohio.  She has also won best of show ribbons for her art entered in the Michigan State Fair.

Chris’ is a member of the:
American Gourd Society (AGS) and a Certified Master Judge, having judged at the Indiana Gourd Show and the Michigan Festival of Gourds. 
The Brimingham Bloomfield Art Center

The St. Clair Art Association.

The Michigourders Gourd Guild

Chris is a founding member of both the Michigan Gourd Society and the Michigourders Gourd Guild, one of the fastest growing gourd groups and is on their Board of Advisors. 
She has taught classes for different art techniques at these shows as well as the Ohio Gourd show, Florida Gourd Society Retreat – Featured Artis and St. Clair Shores Adult Education Program in Michigan.  She has lectured for a number of different community organizations about gourds and there use as an art medium.  

Chris is a wealth of information on the art, growing and history of gourds.  Give her just five minutes to talking about gourd design and you will see it is her passion.